Stone Creek has partnered with La Iglesia Roca de Salvation to bring the message of Christ in many ways for the past decade.  We share in building projects, medical clinics, outreaches, women's conferences, vacation bible school, youth gatherings, worship services and much more.

Stone Creek has assisted with physical and financial resources to send Pastor Cande and Angelica throughout the country of Mexico, Central America, Cuba, Israel and the U.S., to spread the good news of the gospel.  The trips they have taken are deep into the hills and mountains of Guatemala, the Yucatan, accessible only by foot, carrying the gospel of hope and message of salvation to third world areas. 

They are a church with great vision and selfless sacrifice, and are always in need of our support, participation and prayers in carrying on the mission of Christ.

Next Trip

The next trip to Mexico is TBD. 


About La Iglesia La Roca de Salvacion

La Iglesia Roca de Salvacion, translated means The Rock of Salvation Church.  Its core mission is very similar to Stone Creek's, in reaching out to its local community and abroad.  Its slogan is, "A Church with a Mission". Pastor Candelario Quinones and his wife Angelica have three sons, Eliseo (Elijah), Josue (Joshua), and Caleb, all who are very committed and active in their church and community.

Pictures from past trips